About Us

Our Story

200 Million Flowers is not your average adoption agency. This starts with our abstract expression of the beauty of the adoption and foster care process and an understanding of the critical importance of positive childhood experiences in our society. Mother Teresa said “How can there be too many children? It’s like saying there are too many flowers.”

There are not enough flowers.

200 Million Flowers was founded on June 1, 2011 by Craig and Rachel Robertson.  We received our adoption agency license on April 10, 2012. We are a Mississippi 501(c)3 non-profit, committed to making the connection between children in need of love and people that have love to give by promoting adoption, foster care, social services and outreach. 200 Million Flowers leverages world class legal talent and our private social services program to journey with resource families and brave birthmothers. We have ambitious ideas and almost unlimited flexibility with regard to outreach and creative partnerships some of the larger, national organizations are unable to pursue, but we know we cannot be everything to everybody.  Also, we have no interest in competing with organizations doing great work in the field of adoption -- we simply want to come alongside them to fill the many gaps created when adults' decisions impact the lives of children.

200 Million Flowers is fueled by creative, energetic volunteers and staff with a heart for children that deserve to be healthy and happy. We work diligently to:

  • Create partnerships with resource families wanting to foster Mississippi children
  • Conduct home studies
  • Recruit and train resource parents across the state through Rescue 100
  • Educate parents and churches to be involved in caring for kids that need a family
  • Use media to influence public perception about adoption, foster care, family preservation, mentoring and the value of life
  • Provide social services to resource parents, birthmothers and caregivers of children in crisis
  • Work with Robertson + Easterling and other attorneys to facilitate world-class, wholesale legal service aimed at protecting children and building families
  • Create mechanisms and partnerships for outreach to kids from hard places
The primary goal of 200 Million Flowers is to connect children and families, starting at home in Mississippi and growing the work through a grassroots approach to non-profit development, focusing first on women in crisis pregnancy. In Mississippi, more than 5,000 teenagers each year give birth, which is the highest rate in the country. Every teen pregnancy is high risk, and part of our mission is to help create a paradigm shift for those facing crisis pregnancies so adoption is considered a viable, loving choice. We are also working with adoptive couples to prepare them for the adoption journey. We realize that the road for our adoptive couples has been long and complicated and we want to personalize their experience by being real. 

Right now there are more than 5,500 children in foster care, and roughly 300 of these children who are legally free for adoption currently do not have a forever family. These are children waiting for parents, and we believe their wait should be over. 200 Million Flowers has partnered with Child Protection Services to help connect these children with loving families.

Outreach to the fatherless is the heart of our organization. We want to spread God's love to the children in the wake of the fatherlessness pandemic and work locally to make a difference.  We understand that not everyone is called to foster, but we believe everyone is called to help. We are dedicated to provide opportunities for just that.