Domestic Adoption


*200 Million Flowers is currently not accepting application from new families wanting to adopt in order to put our efforts towards finding resource families for foster children in Mississippi through Rescue 100. Please click here to learn more about becoming a resource family.

200 Million Flowers is a small, creative adoption agency committed to personalizing your adoption experience. We want to know your story. Adoption, including the decision to adopt, is a journey, not a moment in time. This journey is long and involves some real tests of the heart. It's the kind of journey that needs as many caring and understanding partners as possible. It's a journey of paperwork, background checks, writing and thinking, examining, hurrying and then waiting. Sometimes lots of waiting.  A wonderful journey that grows our spirit and our heart and increases the depth of our realization of the importance of family and friends.

Adoption can be spiritual warfare.

The staff of 200 Million Flowers would like to be your partner in the journey. We are committed to being real and to respect the roller coaster of life's emotions, the hurry and the wait. Waiting with a friend makes it easier. We want to travel the journey with you. Please give us a call if you are interested in knowing more about the process of adoption.

You can download our new brochure HERE.

Visit our "I'm Pregnant" page if you would like to review our thoughts on the process of creating an adoption plan. We believe releasing a child for adoption takes courage only limitless love can provide.