Foster Care/Adoption


In Mississippi...

  • More than 5,500 kids in foster care
  • More than 300 kids available for adoption
  • 1,600 new foster families needed
  • 7,718 churches
There are more than 5,500 children in the foster care system in Mississippi. The goal of foster care is to reunify children to their family, and usually that goal is achieved. However, sometimes children cannot be safely returned home, and a judge severs the parental rights, allowing the children to become available for adoption.

In Mississippi today, there is a need for parents willing to be licensed foster parents, able to provide a temporary home for children needing a stable, loving environment. There is also a need for parents wanting to adopt children that are legally available to be adopted. There are about 100 children in Mississippi foster care waiting for parents to welcome them into their family. Adopting kids from foster care is virtually free.

There is a process involved in becoming a licensed foster or adoptive parent, including the completion of paperwork, background checks and a home study. Most people are unfamiliar with how the child welfare system works and could benefit form having assistance in navigating this journey.

If ONE family from each church could adopt or foster ONE child, Mississippi could be the first sate to have no children waiting to be adopted in foster care.