Foster Care/Adoption


  • Click here to download and complete the Application provided by the Child Protection Services.
  • Submit your application to the CPS in the county you live in. It will be evaluated to determine if you meet the minimum requirements (such as age, length of marriage, financial stability, etc). 
  • Attend the next available Parent Orientation class offered by CPS.
  • You will be invited to attend a series of weekly training sessions called P.A.T.H. training. The sessions cover such topics as how children come into state custody; how to parent children with trauma in their history, how to work with the CPS as "resource" parents. If you are unable to attend weekly training sessions, click here to learn more about our Rescue 100 Training Weekend.
  • You will need to complete paper forms as an additional form of vetting potential foster parents. 
  • You will be fingerprinted and a criminal background check will be performed.
  • You will be asked to participate in a series of interviews with a CPS social worker. These interviews allow you and your social worker the opportunity to discuss practical as well as emotional factors surrounding adoption. The home study helps you and your social worker determine if you and your family are ready to foster or adopt and what type child would best fit into your family.
  • Once you are a licensed foster parent, you may receive a call for a child to be placed into your home.
  • Once a child is placed in your home, your social worker will visit on a regular basis to help you and your child with the adjustment process. These visits will continue as long as the child is in your care. 
  • Some children may become available for adoption, but there is no guarantee. The goal of foster care is to reunify the child with the biological parents or relatives when there is a safe and stable environment in the home. 
  • You may also consider becoming Therapeutic Foster Care parents. Therapeutic Foster Care parents care for children with a higher lever of medical or emotional needs than other children in foster care.  You would need to be licensed by one of the private organizations approved by the state to license "TFC" parents.


Child Protection Services does not charge fees for its adoption services. However, when it is time to finalize the adoption, you are expected to pay attorney fees, only if the child does not receive Adoption Assistance.