Father's Day Gift

There are thousands of kids in Mississippi foster care that are living without a father in their life. They find themselves living in a group home where their parents are the staff of the facility.

This Father’s Day, you can make a difference in the life of a fatherless child by donating to 200 Million Flowers. Our goal is ‘Connecting kids and parents’ and working to identify, educate and support parents willing to adopt or foster kids in our state.

The apostle Paul uses the term “adoption to sonship” in the New Testament to describe our spiritual adoption by our heavenly Father. Help give a kid the gift of a father and make a difference for this life and the life to come.

So this year, get your dad a gift and tell him how much you appreciate him. In honor of your dad, give other kids the chance to have a dad to appreciate.

Make your Father's Day Gift and select the “Father's Day Gift.”

Once you’ve made your gift, you can download this card for Dad.