Everyone invests their time, talent, resources and hearts in different ways through different projects. Investing in the life of a child will multiply forward.

We believe every Mississippi child deserves a chance to belong to a nurturing family. They need a family that will rejoice in meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Your investment in 200 Million Flowers can help make this happen. 

200 Million Flowers is unique.  We are intentionally small and focused. A donation to us will propel our service offerings forward and one day make both public and private adoptions possible for families.

Strengthening families, strengthens Mississippi. Matching the right child with the right family is beautiful. These children have faces... eyes, tears, laughs, braces, freckles, hopes, desires and dreams... they are not just cases. 

Financially partnering with 200 Million Flowers is a great way to invest. 

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