rescue 100

Rescue 100 is a collaborative effort between the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services, the Mississippi Commission on Children’s Justice, 200 Million Flowers and churches across the state of Mississippi to provide loving homes for children in the foster system. 

These organizations work together to streamline the training and certification process for resource families – most of which happens over one weekend after a family attends a brief orientation/informational meeting. Trainings will be held in different parts of the state throughout the year. Click here to view the schedule of upcoming orientation/information meetings and the next training weekend. Training weekends are limited to 100 families.

This faith-based initiative started in Gulfport under the leadership of Pastor Tony Karnes of Michael Memorial Baptist Church and the J127 Ministry, which hosted the first Rescue 100 event. At the time in Harrison County alone, 100 new resource families were needed to assure each child entering the system would have a healthy place to go. The project was aptly called “Rescue 100” due to the pressing need for more resource families in his community. The same is true for other communities around the state of Mississippi.  Over the course of one weekend, under the leadership of Pastor Karnes and others, nearly 50 families received the necessary training to be certified foster homes.  Social workers from MDCPS and partner agencies then completed home studies in waves over the next several weeks. Once families had successfully finished their home studies, MDCPS licensed them to receive children based on their preference for age and gender.

Feeling energized and inspired by the synergy created when the faith-based community and government work together to care for vulnerable people, leaders are now working together to replicate the success of the first Rescue 100 weekend in other parts of Mississippi. Click here for a list of upcoming training sessions. In addition to regular resource families, partner social service agencies such as Mississippi Children’s Home Services and Southern Christian Services for Children and Youth are helping to place families to be therapeutic foster care homes.

Those families who wish to learn more and become involved can start by registering for an Orientation. If you are married, both spouses must attend the Orientation and Training Weekend. At the one-hour Orientation, families will learn about the Biblical basis for foster care, what being a resource family looks like and how they can become licensed to provide foster care. At the end of the Orientation, families will be given the opportunity to complete the one-page Resource Family Application and will be given the Resource Family Packet to begin completing. Once a prospective resource family has completed the Orientation, they may register for the next available weekend training. YOU MUST COMPLETE ORIENTATION IN ORDER TO ATTEND THE TRAINING WEEKEND. The weekend training begins with a Friday evening session followed by sessions throughout the day on Saturday and finishes with sessions on Sunday morning and afternoon. Over the course of the weekend, participants will be able to complete the entire training program necessary to be licensed to provide foster care.

After completing the training weekend, prospective resource families will be scheduled for home studies before licensing can be finalized. Throughout the process, families can expect to have others within the faith community to come alongside for support and guidance as they navigate their way toward responding to God’s call to meet the urgent need of providing loving homes to vulnerable children in the state.